Infinite Potensi offers the complete range of art and craft supplies for educational institutions throughout Indonesia.  Our products cater to the full spectrum of young artists – the youngest child ready to scribble with his or her first crayon to budding professionals. Our extensive selection, competitive prices and superior customer service make us the choice for parents, artists, art educators, students, hobbyists, or anyone requiring quality art materials for work or pleasure. Some of our products are as followed:


1 M001598A Cartoon Height Measurment Chart
2 M001598B
Cartoon Height Measurment Chart
3 M001598C
Cartoon Height Measurment Chart
4 M001599
Little Foot Sticker
5 M001624 DIY Display Flower (S)
6 M001625 DIY Display Flower (B)
7 M001882 DIY Display Heart Shape (M)
8 M001879 DIY Display Heart Shape (S)
9 M001628 DIY Display Butterfly (B)
10 M001627 DIY Display Butterfly (M)
11 M001881 DIY Display Butterfly (S)
12 M001880
DIY Display Star (S)
13 S003807A
EVA Foam Wall Deco WMP-1001 – Little Kitten
14 S003807C EVA Foam Wall Deco WMP-1003 – Baa Baa Sheep
15 S003807D EVA Foam Wall Deco WMP-1004 – Sparrow
16 S003807E EVA Foam Wall Deco WMP-1005 – Bird House
17 S003807H EVA Foam Wall Deco WMP-1008 – Bird House With Ladder
18 S003808K EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-11 Flowers with Butterflies
19 S003810B EVA Foam Wall Deco PEZ-1008 – Rabbit
20 S003810D EVA Foam Wall Deco PEZ-1010 – Flower
21 S003810E EVA Foam Wall Deco PEZ-1012 – Flower Garden with Butterfly
22 S003810F EVA Foam Wall Deco LLP – 1011 – Purple Flower
23 S003811A DIY Deco – Photo Frame Stickers FME 1001 – Sailing Ship
24 S003811B DIY Deco – Photo Frame Stickers FME 1002 – Butterfly
25 S003811C DIY Deco – Photo Frame Stickers FME 1003 – Aeroplane
26 S003811D DIY Deco – Photo Frame Stickers FME 1004 – Rocking Horse
27 S003811E DIY Deco – Photo Frame Stickers FME 1005 – Champion
28 S003811L EVA Foam Wall Deco JHT – 1010 – Star
29 S003811M EVA Foam Wall Deco JHT – 1001 – Circle
30 S003812A EVA Foam Wall Deco – Green Frence with Flower
31 S003812B EVA Foam Wall Deco – White Frence with Flowers
32 S003812C EVA Foam Wall Deco – Green Grass with Flowers
33 S003808A EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-01 Animals
34 S003808D EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-04 Underwater World
35 S003808E EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-05 Dinosaur World
36 S003808F EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-06 Up Up In the Sky
37 S003808H EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-08 Jungle Animals
38 S003808J EVA Foam Wall Deco AB-11 Flowers

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