(Your second teacher anytime, anywhere!)

My Second Teacher (MST) works with Cambridge schools to help students ace IGCSE exams. Our interactive videos and diagnostic instruments cover entire IGCSE subject syllabuses, and these resources extend teaching and learning into students’ homes and phones.

Information gleaned from students’ interactions with our resources are shared with the students’ subject teacher, who then becomes more effective in teaching due to gains in insights into the student’s knowledge constructs and misconceptions.

In-class teaching thus becomes more specific and prescriptive, rather than open and general. Outside of school hours, we provide students with 24×7 online tutor support so that their doubts and uncertainties may be expertly addressed without delay.

While there are many things that differentiate us from others, our most distinguished attribute would be our expert application of pedagogy to subject content knowledge, while addressing the wider after-school context of when and how students learn.

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