PT. Infinite Potensi
developing your potential

Infinite Potensi equips teachers with the right skills, capabilities and tools by providing them with a broad and comprehensive range of training programmes and products that are customized and designed to suit their training needs. Infinite Potensi will ensure that the delivery of these programmes will benefit the teachers in the later part of their development. We encourage and assist teachers in Indonesia to embark on lifelong learning and in the process be awarded with higher certification

Infinite Potensi provides support in the field of education in Indonesia through sector development, provision of educational equipment and materials, and assistance for development of curricula and textbooks, teacher training, as well as institutional administration. We assist in improving relevance and quality of education, ensuring more efficient, equitable and effective delivery of education training teachers and parent groups in educating students by employing new education techniques and methodologies.

We assist in the development of textbooks and teaching materials for different areas of education. We also assist in improving the quality, durability, and availability of textbooks, through developing capacity in curriculum development, textbooks preparation and publishing, as well as training classroom teachers in the use of student-oriented teaching methods required for curriculum, and reviewing and strengthening the textbook production system.

Another essential part of education development is, in particular, by supporting the non-formal education in remote areas having no or limited educational institutions by taking advantage of the opportunities in ICT to contribute to education goals and poverty reduction strategies. With increasing demands for a highly skilled work force, it is clear that nations must accord high priority to build the capacity to effectively utilize ICT technology in education.