2021 SIMOC Press Release – Global

Young people across the globe work together to win awards in a unique mathematics competition

The 2021 Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) set new records on multiple fronts. Despite COVID-19 hindering international travel and preventing physical meet-ups, a record high of 1907 students from 25 different countries and territories met online to compete in SIMOC’s 3 categories – Math Olympiad Contest, Math MasterMind Competition, and Mind Sports Challenge.

This year also saw the highest number of perfect scorers in the seven-year history of the competition. A total of 32 students from Bulgaria, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam managed to attain full marks in the Math Olympiad Contest.

The competitors clinched a total of 3083 awards across the 3 categories – no mean feat, considering that candidates need to attain a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award from selected mathematics competitions in order to qualify for SIMOC.

SIMOC is a contest like no other. It moves beyond the typical individual written tests to provide young mathematicians with the opportunity to work with and learn from other top mathematical talents from around the world. More than a set of mathematics exercises, SIMOC promotes a culture of international understanding, sharing, and learning among students from different countries.

During the Math Olympiad component, students were required share their screens with the organisers as well as provide a separate live video of themselves completing the test. This ensured the highest levels of fairness for the contest.

For the Maths MasterMind Competition and the Mind Sports Challenge, students were grouped into teams comprising members from different countries and different grades within the same division. They worked together with their teammates to solve mathematical puzzles and challenges, honing their collaboration skills and problem-solving abilities.

SIMOC is organised by Singapore International Mastery Contests Centre (SIMCC), which also organised the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) since 2006. This year, SIMCC has also formed an exciting new partnership with Southern Illinois University (SIU). As a result, SIMOC participants can apply for a special international student tuition scholarship at SIU. This scholarship will save participating students more than USD 14,000 per year. Students will also gain myriad opportunities to maximise their academic potential by engaging in challenging STEM classes and pursuing research and honours projects even as undergraduates.

The SIMOC 2021 Awards Ceremony was held online on 8 August, 2021 from 7 pm to 10 pm.  The Guest of Honour was Singapore Ambassador at Large, Professor Tommy Koh. Multiple Country Ambassadors also graced the occasion, including His Excellency Joseph Del Mar Yap Kick Kuoa from the Philippines, His Excellency Kumaran Periasamy from India, His Excellency Sok Khoeun from Cambodia, His Excellency Kakhramon Shakirov from Uzbekistan, His Excellency Suriya Chindawongse from Thailand, Her Excellency Eugenia Barthelmess from Brazil, His Excellency Mehmet Burcin Gonenli from Turkey, His Excellency Frank Okyere from Ghana, His Excellency Mahmoud Assem Mahmoud ElMaghraby from Egypt, and Dr Randa Ahmed Hafez Shaheen, Egypt’s Head of Public Education.

The participants of SIMOC 2021 did exceedingly well despite the ongoing pressures and disruptions caused by the global pandemic. Their success in this event gives us hope that the next generation will be more than capable of rising to meet the global challenges and provide for a brighter future ahead.

As part of International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) induction this year, we will be selecting the top 20 Grade 12 IJHS members globally to join our University Admissions and Scholarship Program which will assist them in applying to top American universities this Fall for admission in the (August) 2022-23 academic year.


SIMCC is a social enterprise and donates 20% of her contest revenues to support students and teachers.  SIMCC is one of the largest academic contest organizers in Singapore and Asia. We are committed to popularizing education through thinking games and competitions, and allowing students to interact, cooperate and build lasting bonds of friendship that transcend borders. SIMCC organizes:

1.            SASMO – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad

2.            SINGA Math – Singapore Math Global Assessments

3.            SINGA Science – Singapore Science Global Assessments

4.            SINGA English – Singapore English Global Assessments

5.            SIMOC – Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (Global Finals)

6.            AMO – American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO)

7.            SMKC – Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest

8.            DOKA – Depth of Knowledge Assessment (Mathematics HOTS)

9.            VANDA – International Science competition

10.          BEBRAS – Singapore BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge

11.          DrCT – Design Thinking with robotics and Computational Thinking

12.          STEAM AHEAD (International Junior Mathematics Olympiad (IJMO), VANDA & DrCT Global Finals)

13.          SINGA Math ONLINE Global Finals

14.          SINGA Science ONLINE Global Finals

15.          SINGA English ONLINE Global Finals

16.          ICAS Competitions – English

17.          ICAS Competitions – Math

18.          ICAS Competitions – Science

19.          ICAS Competitions – Writing

20.          ICAS Competitions – Digital Technologies

21.          REACH Assessments – English

22.          REACH Assessments – Math

23.          REACH Assessments – Science

24.          REACH Assessments – Writing

25.          REACH Assessments – Digital Technologies

SIMCC has sales offices in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Hong Kong/Macau,  China (Shanghai), and (India (Mumbai) along with partners in 28 countries.

About STS

Scholastic Trust Singapore Ltd (STS) is a non-profit foundation that supports international academic and cultural competitions.  With donations from revenue generated from these contests, STS awards scholarships and mentorship programs for students and teachers to transform lives. Using knowledge building pedagogies and Singapore’s expertise in education, STS supports and mentors teachers and students through ACAs.  We provide leading edge professional development for teachers in English, Mathematics, Science, IT, Pedagogy, and School Leadership to improve education in many developing countries.  STS manages the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS), Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA), a live-in 5-day 4 night leadership camp, and Southern Illinois University (SIU) Dr. Jared Dorn Scholarship and SIU International Student Tuition Grants.

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